About Rescue my princess


One day when proposing to the princess, the sudden appearance of the monster, Galli, kidnapped the princess.
Walter defeats the monsters and follows them to save the princess.
Help him to defeat monsters and crush the blocks that monsters disturbed and then get Walter to save the love princess.


 Official Release Trailer

The beginning of a completely new puzzle you have never seen before!

Create a road by removing blocks and send the knight to the destination level then you can clear level!

You do not need to have a headache while doing 2 or 3 missions. Move the knight to resuce the lovely princess.

It's easy to break a block, but you have to strategically work to get to your destination.

You can upgrade the number of footsteps of an adventurous knight and move the knight a little more, so meet the spirit and increase the number of footprints.

You can meet various friends, articles, monsters, gatekeepers and more at this funny and great pathfinding puzzle game .

Collect logs and coins to cross the river, and continue your adventure.

Even in airplane mode without wifi, you can enjoy it online, offline, anywhere also under hundreds of meters underground.


Rescue My Princess is completely free to play, but you can purchase some items for easy solution of puzzle, depending on your preference. You can also earn golds with Quest and Daily gift. Rewards levels are challenging, but if you clear, you can get golds.


Features of Rescue my princess

- Destroy two or more connected blocks without swapping them.

- Match the blocks to create a way for the knights to move.

- Do not think about other missions, focus on your knight, strategically remove blocks.

- Hundreds of levels: enjoy adventure, meet friends, and save your princess with the help of your colleagues.

- Fun new game mode: clear the serial puzzles, defeat the boss, return to the kingdom with the princess

- Move your knight to the side of the monster and attack.

- Do you fight boss monsters? If there is an knight on the battleground, the boss gets stressed. Be patient, but be careful not to get stressed three times.

- The more blocks you remove, the more points you can get for summon a pet.

- Collect log to make bridge, cross river.

- The gatekeeper guarding the castle gate sometimes demands a coin.

- Please note that some obstacles can not be removed.


About Pets vs. Zombies 2 - the zombie virus


 Pet vs. Zombie inside puzzle. Attack zombie by matching pets and protect your pet from zombie's attack.

 Recover your pet friend's villiage from zombies. 

Zombie attack a pet and make ice or infect a pet.

If you can not match the infected pets, the pets will turn into zombies.

One of zombie heals a weak zombie.

If you match pets around zombie, you can hit the zombie. Rocket pet, bomb pet also hit zombie.  Sometimes zombie moves to another place as their attacking time.


  • Cute pet and even zombies

  • Various missions and puzzle objects

  • 3-Match puzzle

  • Lion make a thicket for pet.

  • By matching cats, attack zombies by throwing a dagger in it.


 android, iOS(iPhone)

Launch date

 Feb. 28th, 2017


 Official Release Trailer

Game Description Trailer


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